Land Area (in Hectares): 6,202
Total Population*: 9,795
No. of Registered Voters**: 6,944
Income Class: 5TH CLASS
No. of Barangays: 12


History and Government


According to legend, the people from Hingyon, like other Ifugaos, are descendants of the first man and woman of the world, Wigan and Bugan. Then through the generations, there emerged 3 distinct tribes. These tribes are the “Munkalyon” (Anao, Bitu, Bangtinon, Piwong), the “Mun-alyon” (Mompolia, Poblacion, O-ong, Cababuyan North, Cababuyan South), and the “Mun-nganu” (Umalbong, Ubuag, Namulditan). The distinction of each tribe can be reflected on the tribe's diction and pronunciation of the dialect.


Hingyon derived its name from the Ifugao word “hingi-yon”, meaning to detour, to divert, or to part away from the main path or way. True enough, the road going to Hingyon is diverted from the main national road.


The municipality of Hingyon was born out of the municipalities of Banaue and Lagawe. It was formally created by Batas Pambansa Bilang 239, on April 15, 1983. It consisted of 11 barangays which were formerly parts of the municipalities of Banaue and Lagawe.


1 Anao 422
2 Bangtinon 298
3 Bitu 515
4 Cababuyan 738
5 Mompolia 1,313
6 Namulditan 1,035
7 Northern Cababuyan 884
8 O-ong 1,439
9 Piwong 1,183
10 Poblacion (Hingyon) 842
11 Ubuag 337
12 Umalbong 789


    *   - 2010 NSO Census of Population
    **  - 2010 Partial Data from COMELEC


On September 6, 1991 by virtue of Sangguniang Panlalawigan Resolution No. 236, series of 1991, the barangay of Cababuyan was divided into the Cababuyan North and Cababuyan South increasing the number of barangays of Hingyon to 12, namely: Anao, Bangtinon, Bitu, Cababuyan Norte, Cababuyan Sur, Mompolia, Namulditan, O-ong, Piwong, Poblacion, Ubuag and Umalbong.


From the municipality's creation in 1983 its leaders were: Julio Canato (1983-1984), Francisco Uyami (1985-1986), Alex Dulnuan (1986), Ramon Dulnuan (1986-1992), Alex Kindipan (1992-1995) and Geraldo Luglug (1995-1998). At present, Hingyon is led by Mayor Alberto Habiling.


Its Inhabitants


As of the 1995 Census of Population, Hingyon has a total population of 9,724, a total number of households of 2,152 with an average household size of 4.52 with a population growth rate of 2.84% covering the years 1990-1995.



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