NOTE: These RFQs are published in PhilGEPS website.
a.1. Negotiated procurement of the supply and delivery of one (1) unit brand new motor vehicle 

a.44. Office, supplies, materials and equipment
a.40Vehicle rental for the attendance to the Provincial Localization activities
a.38. Conference table for DILG-CAR office use (2nd floor function hall)
a.33Catering service for the Basic Incident Command System Training Course
a.29. Two (2) units LED for the Optical display requirement of the Regional Conference Room and Disaster Operations Center
a.13Supplies and Materials for DILG-CAR RO Activities
a.10. Lease of venue and accommodation for the training of RA 9184 for regional and provincial BAC
a.9IT parts and accessories for the DILG-CAR activities
a.6Catering service for the re-orientation on the guidelines on the functionality of ADACs, IDMRIS and performance audit of ADACs
a.4Lease and venue and accommodation for the conduct of post activity on LGCDD PPAs
a.1Printing of IEC materials for Federalism Campaign (3rd Posting)
b.72Catering Service for the Conduct of 4th Quarter RPOC Meeting
b.56. Lease of venue/meals/accommodation for LGCDD Year-End Assessment
b.46. Annual Medical Checkup (2nd Posting)
b.39. Furniture for Office Use
b.35. Annual Medical Checkup 2018
b.31. Lease of venue and accommodation for the Regional orientation and workshop on the formulation of Provincial Results Matrices
b.28. Supplies and materials for the DILG-CAR activities
b.25. Catering Service for the ADM OPMO 3rd Quarter
b.14. Lease of venue/accommodation for the SGLG Regional Calibration; and encoding and uploading of SGLG data.
b.8. Catering service for the Regl Dialogue on Open Govt and Participatory Governance post assessment
b.7. Catering service for the ADM-OPMO Regl and Provl team coordination activities and mobilization for the 2nd Qtr 
b.5. Vehicle rental for the monitoring activities for the implementation of LFPs (CMGP, SALINTUBIG, BUB/ADM, PAMANA, LGSF) includes physical visit
c.78. Roll-out Training for the Strengthening of BADAC
c.71. CMGP bag
c.68. Office equipment for Regional Review and Evaluation of 2017 SGLG Assessment
c.64.Lease to own of IT equipments for the Follow Through and Monitoring and Evaluation Activities
c.60. Orientation on People's Law Enforcement Board (PLEB) for DILG-Ifugao
c.56. Provincial strategic direction setting conference/workshop for DILG-Ifugao
c.48. Hire Transportation Service to the Monitoring and Validation of On-going 2015 and 2016 BUB/ADM Projects in Ifugao, Kalinga & Abra
c.44. Rent-to-own IT equipment
c.38. Lease of venue/accommodation for the Regional Orientation & Monitoring of the Governance Reform Targets under CMGP
c.32. IT accessories and parts for the OPCEN
c.30. Lease of venue/catering service, for DILG-Baguio City
c.27. Lease of venue, accommodation, and catering service for the conduct of Reg'l Workshop on Reg'l Strategic Priorities and SDG
c.1. Catering Service for 1st Sem 2017
d.21. Hospital and Medical Service
d.28. Provision of catering services for in-house activities
>Lease of venue accom meals snacks for the GAD enhancement training on Apr 14-15 (1st school), and Apr 16-17, 2015 (2nd school)
>Bid for the DILG-CAR PRA Catering Service (Nov 30, 2012)
>Bid for the DILG-CAR Website Domain Name Registration & Hosting with Web Devt Training (Nov 27, 2012)
>Bid for the Replacement of Roofing of DILG-CAR Regional Office Building (Nov 20, 2012)